Our hot drinking paper cups “Bio-PBS” are available in ten sizes, are environmentally friendly and individual in design:

Range 4 oz 100 ml (max. 118 ml) |
5 oz 120 ml (max. 147 ml) |
6,5 oz 150 ml (max. 192 ml) |
8 oz 200 ml (max. 236 ml) |
10 oz 250ml (max. 295ml) |
12 oz 300 ml (max. 354 ml) |
12 oz XL 360 ml (max. 414 ml) |
12 oz Slim Line 300 ml (max. 354 ml) |
16 oz 400 ml (max. 473 ml) |
20 oz 500 ml (max. 591 ml) |
Environmentally friendly The environment is close to our hearts, we show this with our range of compostable cups made of organic PBS coated paper. Our organic PBS cups are 100% recyclable & compostable according to DIN EN 14995. The plastic is synthesized from sugar cane residues produced during sugar production. This does not cause food supply to be scarce.
Technical properties The paper conventional cup is coated polyethylene (PE). This wafer-thin layer makes the paper waterproof and weldable. When composting these cups, the thin PE layer would remain in the Earth, mostly as microplastics. Our organic PBS cups are coated with polybutylene succinate (PBS), which is completely biodegradable. ​ However, the cups have a limited shelf life. With locating, the shelf life is 12-24 months. ​ For more detailed information, please see our data sheet.
Availability Our range of organic PBS cups isn't different from our traditional range. The organic PBS coated paper is not very different in processing and handling from our traditional cups.

More information:

All kind of information about the “Bio-PBS” model can also be found in our data sheet, which is available for free download.

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