Of course, we also offer corresponding lids for every cup. You can choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and materials. Our standard lid is made of polystyrene and is available in many different colours, offering you amazing value for money. As a more environmentally friendly option, we are also happy to offer polylactide or bagasse lids.

For each of our cups, we offer a corresponding lid.

Polystyrene lid: white, black, brown, gold, red

Polylactides: white, black

Bagasse: white, natural

In addition to our standard range of polystyrene lids, we also offer polyactide or paper products. By choosing such a product, you make an active choice to be more environmentally friendly, which we as a company support wholeheartedly.

All our lids are designed to fit the corresponding cup. Optimal fit for all additional options.

Our Standard Lids:

Our Bagasse Lids: