Butterfly Cup

Butterfly Cup

Our paper hot cups are available in four sizes, are environmentally friendly and individual in design:

Range 8 oz - 200 ml |
10 oz - 250 ml |
12 oz - 300 ml |
16 oz - 400 ml |
Innovative The new Butterfly Cup from BioPBS is completely plastic free. BioPBS Cups according to DIN EN 14995, 100% recyclable & compostable. In addition, the handling during filling is improved, which results in shorter working times in the shop.
Properties The unique shape of the Butterfly Cup allows the edges to become a lid. The drinking opening is formed by the cup itself. In addition, the concave form leads to a better adaptation to the human face during drinking.
Environment Since we are also very concerned about the environment, all our cups are made of food-grade paper, 100% recyclable, as well as more than 80% biodegradable under appropriate environmental conditions. If you would like to think one step more environmentally friendly, you can also use all our cups as compostable BioPBS Variant 100% biodegradable.
Settings Print options: Shiny or matte
High glossy print for brilliant colours and a unique look
Mat standard print
PE coating or BioPBS
You can choose between PE coatings or our proven BioPBS Butterfly Cups. BioPBS cups are 100% recyclable & compostable according to EN 14995.

More information:

All information about the “Butterfly Cup” model can be found in our data sheet, which is available for free download.

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