Our double-wall hot drink cup combines insulation with the modern and minimalist style of the welcoming cup. The cup’s high-quality look is achieved through the double-walled workmanship which allows for a perfectly perceptible print image. The air cushions between the walls of the cup ensure its contents stay nicely insulated.

More information:
All kinds of information about the “Double Wall” model can be found in our data sheet, which is available for you to download free of charge.


Download Data Sheet Additional Options

4 oz 100 ml (max. 118 ml) |
5 oz 120 ml (max. 147 ml) |
6,5 oz 150 ml (max. 192 ml) |
8 oz 200 ml (max. 236 ml) |
10 oz 250ml (max. 295ml) |
12 oz 300 ml (max. 354 ml) |
12 oz XL 360 ml (max. 414 ml) |
12 oz Slim Line 300 ml (max. 354 ml) |
16 oz 400 ml (max. 473 ml) |
20 oz 500 ml (max. 591 ml) |

Since we are also very concerned about the environment, all our cups are made of food-grade paper, 100% recyclable, as well as more than 80% biodegradable under appropriate environmental conditions. If you would like to take one step further, you can also use all our cups as compostable BioPBS Variant 100% biodegradable.

Air cushions for comfortable holding, a secure grip and unique design.

Printing image glossy: High glossy print for vibrant/bright/brilliant colours & a unique look.

Deep Bottom: Improved stacking ability for faster handling of cups.

Slim Line: A narrow version of the 12 oz cup-a lid size for 8 oz and 12 oz.

BioPBS: BioPBS cup, 100% recyclable & compostable according to DIN EN 14995.

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